Hello, Divine Entrepreneurial Sister!

You are in the right place to finally increase your sales and joy in your business! By booking this call you agree that:

  • You are 100% committed  to fixing what is not working with your sales now
  • You’ll bring your business partner, if you have one, so everyone can join the party
  • You will be ready to play full out without distractions and you won’t be driving (that’s just not safe)


If you do not find any times that work for you, please email lucy@camilafandino2.tempurl.host to set up another time.

Auriela M.

"No one can teach this better than Camila."

Camila isn’t just an expert at sales. She teaches people how to claim their value and the value of their work, to step into their power and to charge high ticket prices for what they bring to the world (a very important skill that so few entrepreneurs possess). No one can teach this better than Camila. She exudes it, she embodies it and she lives it. Anyone who is fortunate enough to learn from her is one lucky person!

— Auriela M., USA


Kat C.

"I could not have made the huge decision to invest in myself and my business without her on my side."

Camila is amazing at asking questions, listening to understand and helping to get to the truth of the problem so her clients get the kind of freedom they want. That’s been the experience I’ve had with Camila. I could not have made the huge decision to invest in myself and my business without her on my side, supporting me, helping me feel good about my decision and believing in me. That may sounds strange for a 60 minute call, but that's how good she is! And, my life is forever changed from that day on. I no longer play it small in my business, I now know my worth and proudly own it. Camila has stuck by me and always been responsive and caring and 'proud' of my accomplishments. I strive to emulate that same sense of care and responsibility that I got from her with my own clients now. I am forever grateful.

— Kat C., USA


Chika E

"Camila literally put my faith back in humanity when it comes to sales."

Camila totally blew me away with her coaching. She guided me step by step of the process, took all the fear and doubt from my mind with her heart centered approach to business and sales. Sales is an essential requirement for any business and it's an area that I shy away from, but Camila empowered me with confidence and the tools to succeed. Her intuitive coaching approach connected with me at the deepest level and I felt understood, valued and validated. Camila, you have truly changed my life and because of you my coaching practice is growing stronger by the day. I do not have the words to express the gratitude I have for you. Thank you so much.

Chika E., UK

Brooke P.

"Her heart and sincerity is totally radiant."

Camila has the unique ability to guide you in arriving face to face with your strongest desires and then find the courage to leap forward into filling your true potential! Her heart and sincerity is totally radiant and I'm personally so thankful to have had her support in creating the life and business I only dreamt of!

Brooke P., UK

Anita R

"She inspired me to see that my business had potential."

I had the pleasure of working with Camila about a year ago. She inspired me to see that my business had potential and what I could do to take several steps up, especially in the sales department, and start making money. Her personality, knowledge and ability to see possibilities helped me to kick start my business and today I can provide for my family with it. I am not saying it wasn't a lot of work, but things get THAT much easier when you finally see how to do things and have the support of someone who believes in you. I recommend Camila to anyone who wants to get her or his business going somewhere.

— Anita R., Norway